Welcome to my portfolio of work. This is a collection of records that are unique in frame and approach as well as melodic prose. Over the course of my early 20s I began producing and crafting songs, collecting equipment, engineering sounds and sonic shapes, flipping samples (thanks to J Dilla), but I never thought it would lead me to discover and take part in the fabric and story of other artists and songwriters from all across the map. Prior to this, I toured the U.S. and Europe with a band called Night Beds. We played for crowds filled with diverse people, all with a shared revery for the elusive art of music. That period taught me a lot about our deep seated response as humans to the soul and emotion that carries forth in a tune.

Looking back over the years, it’s a gift to have been able to timestamp so many periods of life with a musical narrative. To create for a living is somewhat of a dream, something I didn’t know would be in the cards for me. Yet I have a feeling we never quite arrive with some of our dreams and it’s actually the process and work itself, the mundane, the everyday that makes it all worthwhile. I hope through my own creative expression, you tap into the Source of all creativity… dare to take a chance or two, dream of faraway lands, and find solace in times of discomfort. Stay tuned, for my wish is that the best is yet to come.